The Most Important of Times

Time spent with my son, was and is the most important times in my life. Those times mean more than anything else that I could ever do or ever want to do. Talking with him, watching him grow from a beautiful small boy to a wonderful and amazing adult. If I could have stayed home for 18 years and not ever worked, I would have been happy. Now that he is grown and married, I think of all the wonderful love and adventure, and moments he has in store for him. His never ending quest to make a difference in the world with technology makes me happy for him, too. I wish him all the love, joy and success he could ever imagine. I wish this because he is my son, and I love him with all of my heart.

Help Make a 24 Hour Warming Center Happen for People who are Homeless in Portsmouth, N.H.

Help Keep People who are Homeless Warm with a Warming Center!

Portsmouth and the Seacoast Area have people who are homeless living on the streets. Portsmouth can have severe cold and stormy weather in the winter. Let’s help people who are homeless get a break from severe cold and stormy weather by providing them with a 24 hour warming center in Portsmouth. 

Imagine if it were you, being out in the below freezing weather, day after day, with no way to warm your body but to keep moving or to try and find enough blankets and maybe a tent to try to sleep. This wears down a person’s body and soul!

Portsmouth can do better, WE are better than this! Provide a 24 hour warming center and show that you care about those less fortunate as being as much deserving of a warm place to lay their heads as anyone!

Maintaining Memories

My memory fails me sometimes, I am keenly aware of it, too. I can’t just forget, I have to remember that I forgot something. It literally drives me crazy sometimes especially in more recent years. I am always trying to do things that are good for the brain to try and slow the aging process in that respect. While I don’t ever accept my memory loss, I learn to work with it, to understand it, and to remind it that I will keep fighting to maintain my memories!
I notice though, sometimes, that many people use their memory selectively. That really gets me. Part of having memories is to show us the past so that we may become more aware in our future. It isn’t always comfortable to remember things that are different than we thought they were. We sometimes even ignore the memory, like looking at old photos but skipping past the ones that make us sad, or angry, or even sick. I have done that sometimes as well. But sooner or later we must come to a decision of how honest we want to be with ourselves. I find honesty in remembering is also responsibility to ourselves and others. It is up to each of us to pass on memories, good or bad, so that our history remains as real as possible.

Addressing the Impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences – BH365

Creating environments where all children can thrive is critical to building a healthier and happier future. In this article, Sara Coffey, D.O., a member of the National Council’s Medical Directors Institute, shares her insights into childhood trauma and thoughts on support systems. More and more, we are learning about the significance of Adverse Childhood Experiences …

Source: Addressing the Impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences – BH365

All Love Can Be

I will watch you in the darkness
Show you love will see you through
When the bad dreams wake you crying
I’ll show you all love can do
All love can do
I will watch through the night
Hold you in my arms
Give you dreams where no one will be
I will watch through the dark
Till the morning comes
For the lights will take you
Through the night to see
All love, showing us all love can be
I will guard you with my bright wings
Stay till your heart learns to see
All love can be
~Will Jennings / James Horner~