The Most Important of Times

Time spent with my son, was and is the most important times in my life. Those times mean more than anything else that I could ever do or ever want to do. Talking with him, watching him grow from a beautiful small boy to a wonderful and amazing adult. If I could have stayed home for 18 years and not ever worked, I would have been happy. Now that he is grown and married, I think of all the wonderful love and adventure, and moments he has in store for him. His never ending quest to make a difference in the world with technology makes me happy for him, too. I wish him all the love, joy and success he could ever imagine. I wish this because he is my son, and I love him with all of my heart.


My Ravelry

Do you like knitting and crocheting? I do. Especially crochet. I found this great website that has a wonderful database filled with patterns of all kinds, user projects information and so much more. I think if you like working with yarn, and keeping your projects all in one place, you will like Ravelry. I used it for a very special project I was working on and decided to go back and make it my go to place for crochet. Check out my new profile!

My Ravelry Profile

I am making this hat right now called elegant hat designed by Kim Guzman. It is a WIP..


I am here so far..


I just finished blocking it because it was small. I am hoping it comes out ok!



My first hat 🙂

Happy Anniversary Toni and Jess!

It makes me so happy to see you happy because that is what we want  for our children. We want them to find love, have health and happiness, and lots of friends so they will never be alone. We want them to do good works, and also have lots of fun and enjoyment in life. May all your days be filled with all of the above!




Love, Mom