I am continually reminded in class…

The mindset of the times, back, way back in history. We must, they say put our thoughts, assumptions aside when reading history, and not to make moral judgement on people who lived a few hundred years before me.. After all, they were different people, in different times. I said, I think they knew it was wrong.

Apparently so did others from those days.

2 thoughts on “I am continually reminded in class…

  1. Important observation, Donna, and great video! Next time teachers tell you this, you might want to gently suggest that they read the first chapters in “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn, or Ronald Takaki’s “A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural of America,” to name just a couple resources that should be required reading. As Zinn and Takaki clearly show, there have always been multiple perspectives.


  2. I think he believes in multiple perspectives, as long as they are not in mainstream textbooks as I mentioned to him more than once I would like to see one day, soon. Not required reading. I have found Howard Zinn in some of my research, and have noted his book as one I want to read. I will look into Takaki also. Thank you Carol, for your thoughtful comment.

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