November’s Flag

I like November. I know, it is colder and grayer than October. October has all the brilliance of yellows, oranges, and reds. November has the grays and browns of bare trees and branches. The trees barely move or sway when the wind blows as it seems the wind blows right through them, all stark and naked. This is a good time to see what has been hiding between the leaves that were once there.

Birds are still making there stops, settling on the branches, maybe waiting for the call to food. There are many birds that stay for the winter months, and those birds keep the trees alive.

What else has been hiding behind the leaves, sure to be seen in November? It is a good time to see if there are broken branches that need to be trimmed, or diseased limbs that need to come down.

Where I live I can see through the trees, almost all the way down to the highway, a block away from my second floor apartment. There is a flagpole I can only see when the trees are bare. Waving from it is an American flag. It always gave me a sense of peace, to be able to see the red, white, and blue, through the bare grayness of the trees. I have not looked to see it this year, as I always do when November comes. I have lived here for almost 9 years, and I always look for the flag.

I am sad, because my country is so unraveled. Now I feel it on the inside. Now after I write this I will go to look at the flag, but I should have done it already…


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