The Learning Process…

…for me was long and arduous. It was worth it though. U.S. History to 1877 was a history of people, from the very beginning. Travels of people, cultures of people, behaviors of people, and more. Laws, boundaries, wars, and betrayal made way for expansion that created more laws, more boundaries, and more betrayal. There were many acts of courage, awe inspiring causes for good. There was abolition, and demolition, emancipation and degradation. There were winners and losers, free and slave. One people that were constant in the midst of immigrants, and tyrants. A legacy too mixed and complicated to be hidden behind earlier versions of greatness and glory. It will be awhile before I attempt 1867 to the present, if at all in a classroom. That remains to be seen, but it is not looking good. I do know, however that there are other ways to learn. To be able to get a glimpse of the beginning of my country was worth it.

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