Nature, Nurture and Human Development

One could consider nature to be the largest factor in the development of humans, when they are in the womb. However, I have heard of many mothers including myself, who have nurtured their unborn. Mothers can start nurturing their unborn babies early in the pregnancy by keeping themselves nourished, and healthy. This may be considered nature, but it is also nurturing. Other nurturing ways are talking to your unborn, as well as playing music, and reading. I think that the father can be involved also. He can play an important role in nurturing the unborn baby. By loving the mother, and also having a good relationship with her, he can help to keep her calm and secure. The father can also talk to the unborn baby, and just be there for support. I do think also that the communication between parents, or caregivers, can have a positive effect on the unborn child. I can’t say for sure what the baby knows, but I think many parents would want to do everything possible to help their unborn child to become a healthy and happy baby.

When babies are born, so many nature factors are involved. Certainly those attributes contributed by genes, are nature, as well as conditions in the womb, and hereditary factors. Consider hair color, eye color, skin color, etc. All nature, indeed. Gender and size are also nature, but in some ways size may be contributed to nurturing as well. As the child grows, the attributes from nature remain, but nurture from the beginning, hopefully has a powerful, and wonderful impact on the developing child. All the stepping stones along the journey from childhood to adulthood are filled with nature and nurture. Nurture plays an important role in who we will become as human beings. Nurture is not only nourishment for the body, but for the heart, soul, and inner person. To be loved by our parents or caregivers, and to be taught to love, is a beautiful part of nurturing. I think it can be inherent, in nature, as some people in life have little nurturing, but somehow find love and give love, with little to start with. I also think that like a beautiful flower, the seed of love needs to be nurtured for it to grow, and learn to give some love and beauty to others.

As one grows, learning becomes so important as well. Nature can play a role in how we learn, such as whether we have healthy working brains, and healthy working bodies. It most usually does not have to be the deciding factor, as nurturing can overcome so many obstacles in life. Mental states as well as physical, play a role in our development. Hopefully one can get all their needs met to develop as healthy as they can. How we decide to live our lives, in part may be nature, but the story of our lives is uniquely our own. I think that nurture is so very important every step of the way.


Reading Nature, Nurture, and Human Diversity in Psychology by David G. Myers has helped me to write this essay. Also personal experiences in my own life has helped as well.

Written in April ‎3, ‎2014, but never published publicly.


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