The Hollywood Blacklist

The Hollywood Blacklist
I was looking for something about the Red Scare, and saw articles about the Hollywood Blacklist. I believe there are enough symptoms and signs of Groupthink, to say that groupthink and more, was a part of this unjustified, and uncalled for, and unconstitutional treatment of approx. 500 Hollywood people from the entertainment industry, as stated in the article. The fact was that being a communist was not and is not against the law, they did nothing wrong. Yet, these people had to endure not only unconstitutional questions, and investigations by the HUAC (House Committee on Un-American Activities.) It started in 1947, and continued until the 1960’s.
According to one article it destroyed careers, and shattered lives..
Some were charged with contempt, and went to prison for up to a year. It makes me sick to think about how the US Government has used it’s authority to ignore the constitution, and deemed fitting to think that they were right in their decision. This is a classic example of groupthink.
HUAC policy was to root out domestic communism, according to this article. Also the Supreme Court eventually sided with those that opposed anti-communists.

I watch the government in action a lot on cspan, as well as following the news closely, and I must say, that in a few cases, I have seen very bad behavior from some individuals along certain party lines that have a less tolerant attitude, but at the same time afford themselves the liberty of scrutinizing those that may have targeted them. This to me is so very hypocritical. I see many in the government working together, but I understand that fear and hatred is still alive and well in the hearts and minds of some. As long as people are closed minded, and take on a superiority way of thinking, Groupthink is still possible.

Written in August 5, 2014, by me but never published.


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