Another Option for Exercising


Walking is my favorite way to exercise, but it is not possible for the time being. Neither is going to a gym, I tried it on the bus, it just takes too big a chunk out of my day to be going three days a week, even. I did however, bring the gym to me.

The first think I did was to buy a Yoga video, and a yoga mat. I then bought a nice set of hand weights, and a fitness ball. Then I got myself a bench. I have a great workout plan that I just had to take a short break from because I have a temporary small injury, should be healing soon. I wasn’t about to let the lack of transportation, or inability to take long walks keep me from getting fit. I also incorporate my back and vestibular exercises into my weekly workout. I have been doing this for almost a year or more and it is working out quite well. I will post some pictures of my nice little set up soon!

Edited to add photo

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