The Most Important of Times

Time spent with my son, was and is the most important times in my life. Those times mean more than anything else that I could ever do or ever want to do. Talking with him, watching him grow from a beautiful small boy to a wonderful and amazing adult. If I could have stayed home for 18 years and not ever worked, I would have been happy. Now that he is grown and married, I think of all the wonderful love and adventure, and moments he has in store for him. His never ending quest to make a difference in the world with technology makes me happy for him, too. I wish him all the love, joy and success he could ever imagine. I wish this because he is my son, and I love him with all of my heart.

One thought on “The Most Important of Times

  1. What a beautiful testament to the wonderful love between you and your son! Being a parent is the most fabulous, frustrating, joyous and hellacious, part of life. It’s the most difficult achievement yet it is the most heart-satisfying experience at the same time. You’re right, it really is the most important of times 🙂


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