Walking Early in The Morning

I like walking. It was something I used to do every day. I would leave my house about 4:30 am and start down the quiet neighborhood street that I liked as it had a fairly new sidewalk and was nice and flat, less chance of tripping. It was still dark and was sometimes difficult to see. Once I picked up pace though I was on my way to a great work out. Walking through historical neighborhoods in the early morning hours is so different than walking through them in daylight. In the dark it is so quiet and there is no movement, except for the occasional car passing by, either someone up way too late or someone up early. There is a beautiful river and a lovely view as I continue to walk. Also along the way is a very old cemetery that I carefully walk past, making sure not to scuff my feet by mistake, as to avoid disturbing the resting souls.

The sidewalks are not so smooth and even anymore, so I carefully look down often. I come into the downtown and there are lights that help me see better. Downtown is small but noteworthy and is a must for tourists. I sometimes remember the days when tourism was not the main attraction in our city and what it was like a few decades ago. I walk at a fast pace remembering the way it used to be and all the changes it has gone through. I did object, I did reminisce too much, but finally think it is not so bad and I think change can be good.

Coming up to the main “drag” I know it can be even better. The sidewalks are all broken and making it hard for me to keep an even pace but I do pretty good anyway. I say with all the changes, “why did they forget the sidewalks”? I am irritated and say to myself, “this walk is for you, don’t let the sidewalks get you down”..

Walking past the park and coming up to the Dunkin Donuts that is just opening, I am tempted to go in and grab a cup, being the coffee junkie that I am. I resist and keep on walking past gas stations and walking on wobbly surfaces that remind me of my childhood days. I think they are still the same sidewalks, no? Ok enough about the sidewalks as maybe one day the city will get a clue. Until then, be glad there is good weather to walk in. Be glad you are able to walk without falling. (I have a problem with my ankles, and I used to fall a lot, now hardly ever.)

I come around the bend to the last part of my walk. It is a little uphill and I don’t mind as I know it gives me the workout I need. I reach the street with the trees that hang nearly to the ground, so I dip, and sidestep, and dip some more. I finally reach home. It has been a great walk, lasting about 50 minutes, covering over 2 miles. I head upstairs to my apartment where I rest for a few. I am proud my commitment to walking every day.

I don’t walk anymore, as when the snow came, I had to stop. I tried once and I fell, and it was very hard for me to even get up off of the ground. No I would have to find another way to get my work out.

I miss my walk..


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