My Drawings..

I used to draw when I was young. After my teen years I stopped drawing. I was much better at it back then. I have started to draw again for my positive psychology class project but I hope to continue drawing  long after class is over. Here are the first two drawings.



I finished another drawing of a Native American Woman. Someone on the web had said she was Iroquois but then I saw another name her as a Lakota woman. I am thinking Spokane because I looked up some photos and a couple of the women had almost the same designed jewelry. (beaded). I need to do more research. I copied a real photo of this women, not anyone’s drawing. 🙂

Here it is and I tried to imagine what she was like.. what kind of life she had as I was drawing her.

Native American Woman



This is a plant called Anthurium. My son and daughter-in-law gave me this beautiful plant and I wanted to draw it.


I have been practicing different shading techniques and I think it has made a difference. Still so much to learn!

I have been trying to practice drawing faces lately, here are two of them..


006 (4)


Looking forward to more sketching and drawing!

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