Revisit McIntyre Portsmouth, N.H.

Revisit McIntyre does not have a plan. They came to a meeting without a plan. They knew what the rules would be for getting their petition passed and none of them could even get on the same page. Again. Because this is not about the post office, or the brick facade, or the $3000 a month apartments, or a park, or space to see the open sky, or the historical “fit”, or less dense urban areas, or the other numerous reasons they provided. They lost after the first time they didn’t have a plan. You would think with all the help from professionals they could have made a cohesive plan with one speaker to explain their plan. Because they don’t really know what they want to gain from this change, they only know what they are losing. They were expressing sorrow and grief and fond memories but not the future, just the past. I hope they find some comfort which ever way it goes. I know we have a lot of history in this city but preserving it should NEVER come at the cost of the people who live here. You may think Portsmouth is losing its heart and soul because they are not preserving enough, but I say they will lose both if they don’t stop preserving everything and let us move forward into the future. We are a city with history, not a museum. I don’t want to stand around and stare at history all day. I want to learn about it and know that it belongs to us but our future belongs to us as well. We can’t have a future while living in the past.

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