No One More Deserving to Talk About Trump than Hillary…

Maintaining Memories

My memory fails me sometimes, I am keenly aware of it, too. I can’t just forget, I have to remember that I forgot something. It literally drives me crazy sometimes especially in more recent years. I am always trying to do things that are good for the brain to try and slow the aging process in that respect. While I don’t ever accept my memory loss, I learn to work with it, to understand it, and to remind it that I will keep fighting to maintain my memories!
I notice though, sometimes, that many people use their memory selectively. That really gets me. Part of having memories is to show us the past so that we may become more aware in our future. It isn’t always comfortable to remember things that are different than we thought they were. We sometimes even ignore the memory, like looking at old photos but skipping past the ones that make us sad, or angry, or even sick. I have done that sometimes as well. But sooner or later we must come to a decision of how honest we want to be with ourselves. I find honesty in remembering is also responsibility to ourselves and others. It is up to each of us to pass on memories, good or bad, so that our history remains as real as possible.