It’s a Matter of Balance

It is sometimes difficult to face the fact that aging brings on so many changes in one’s everyday life. But, these changes bring challenges. Some of these challenges can be faced head on, others may be ignored, denied, put off until later, or just too difficult to know what to do. I can’t say I face them all head on and I certainly try not to ignore them. It seems sometimes they come one at a time, but sometimes they can come one right after the other or many at one time.

Reaching out for help, for advice, for instruction can be a challenge in itself. But to respond to your own needs for help is essential to creating a sense of well-being within yourself, to know you can trust yourself to do what is best. This sense of trusting yourself leads you to trusting others. And trusting others leads to trusting the process. You can’t have one without the other. It is a matter of balance. Balancing the challenges we carry by allowing others to help you whether you are standing tall or taken down by a fall. You will get up again. Sometimes you will get up by yourself, and sometimes with the help of others. Sometimes those that help will do the bare minimum to help, and others will go far and beyond to help. Some will fall somewhere in between. I find all types useful. But those that go far and beyond are those that are not forgotten.

All along the way, you meet wonderful people that help you by accepting you, as they are in the same boat as you. Doesn’t mean they have to accept you but they do. They make those challenges something you look forward to. That was how I saw all the people in my balance class on Wednesdays from 10:30 to 1:30 for 10 weeks. I will miss balance class…


My Ravelry

Do you like knitting and crocheting? I do. Especially crochet. I found this great website that has a wonderful database filled with patterns of all kinds, user projects information and so much more. I think if you like working with yarn, and keeping your projects all in one place, you will like Ravelry. I used it for a very special project I was working on and decided to go back and make it my go to place for crochet. Check out my new profile!

My Ravelry Profile

I am making this hat right now called elegant hat designed by Kim Guzman. It is a WIP..


I am here so far..


I just finished blocking it because it was small. I am hoping it comes out ok!



My first hat 🙂

Happy Anniversary Toni and Jess!

It makes me so happy to see you happy because that is what we want  for our children. We want them to find love, have health and happiness, and lots of friends so they will never be alone. We want them to do good works, and also have lots of fun and enjoyment in life. May all your days be filled with all of the above!




Love, Mom