The Politics of Sexual Assault

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that it is a very likely a male in power “could” sexually assault or intimidate women. It happens in families. It happens in schools and other institutions. It happens in the world of politics. To make it anything other than it is insults women or any victim. It is not something to run on in a campaign, nor should it be something to throw at your opponent just to get votes. I doubt most women would want to be treated in that way. It is out there now though and we must deal with it because victims of sexual assault are victims no matter who the perp may be. It doesn’t change if it is a doctor, a professor, a relative, a republican or a democrat.

Many people try to brush it off as tabloid stuff, which gets in the way of real issues of the day. Sexual assault IS real. It is one of the most important ISSUES we have faced as a nation. How we treat and have treated women is in the DNA of American history. Many others try to brush it off as boys will be boys, or locker room talk. Many may have been raised to treat women as inferior. That does not make it right. It is also not right to politicize a problem that can affect a victim for the rest of their life. I doubt any “one” politician could do anything about the problem. But we as citizens, whether private citizens or public servants,  could stop listening to the excuses, stop being bystanders and stop letting people make us believe we are becoming numb to how completely wrong dehumanizing women is, or any human for that matter. I happen to be on the subject of women right now, but it applies to everyone. We must listen and continue to listen to the victims and those that are trained to know what the aftermath of assault can do. All the information has been out there for decades. Don’t let politicians or anyone no matter who they are tell you it is not important enough. Laws must also reflect what we teach everyday. So if a law says it is ok, I would say there is something wrong with that law.